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Manufacturing technology Laminating

Laminating refers to the joining of several layers of the same or different materials using laminating tools. This manufacturing technology is used for protection and/or decoration. At the same time, the technology combines the benefits of different material properties. The material is added on top or below a layer with the desired properties – or placed between two layers.

The three methods of laminating

  • Wet laminating: The materials are combined using wet adhesive.
  • Dry laminating: The materials are combined using dry adhesive.
  • Thermal laminating: The materials are combined using heat or pressure.


The goal is to permanently join the substrates with strong adhesion using as little adhesive material as possible. There should be no more than minimal changes to the textile features. Or in other words: The compound material should be lightweight and flexible – and have a textile grip. The technology takes advantage of the synergy effects resulting from different product properties.

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Diana Buchmüller Director Life Cycle Engineering

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Kaschieren: Fertigungstechnik A&R Textil
Kaschieren: Fertigungstechnik A&R Textil
Kaschieren: Fertigungstechnik A&R Textil

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A&R Textil offers a great range of services. To us, working closely with our customers to meet their demands is of the highest priority. Or in other words: We not only develop for you – but with you. The jointly developed product is produced at one of our plants, and delivered anywhere in the world depending on your requirements and wishes.

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