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Green Seam

Green Seam Environmentally friendly products – ecological and fair

It is our claim to always offer our customers the best solution. In doing so, we rely on innovative and future-proof manufacturing methods and materials, where we not only consider costs and efficiency but also compatibility with our environment.

GREEN SEAM is our new label for precisely these sustainable product development concepts. It stands for the consistent implementation of the green A&R corporate philosophy. Our goal is to protect nature and the environment and to preserve our living space through

  • environmentally friendly textiles
  • long-lasting products
  • social responsibility


The clothing industry is setting an example for us with countless eco-labels. The green idea can also be anchored in the production of industrial textiles. We want to raise and strengthen this awareness among our customers.

We want to implement GREEN SEAM in an uncomplicated way and without a lot of bureaucratic work – using practical approaches in production and with the materials used.

GREEN SEAM Actually it's quite simple!

We meet our customers where they are today. Some of them share our philosophy but consider "green" to be synonymous with expensive, which need not be the case at all. Others are one step ahead and pursue a sustainability strategy themselves. This is where GREEN SEAM offers itself as another building block.

A&R is usually directly involved in a product's development process. This enables us to inform our customers at an early stage about environmentally friendly textiles and resource-conserving manufacturing methods, and to show them green alternatives.

The circle closes with the end customer holding a fairly produced and environmentally friendly product in their hands – identified by the GREEN SEAM label, if so required.

Environmentally friendly products

We already attach importance to the processing of high-quality materials during the development phase. They should make our products long lasting and reduce the impact on the environment.

The first steps in this direction are already taken during textile production. A multitude of chemicals is often used, particularly in processing the raw fibre into the finished product. This results in product components being contaminated with harmful substances, which are detrimental to the health of workers, end customers and the environment. We want to reduce these substances, and avoid them altogether if possible.

Resources can not only be saved in production but also in the selection of materials. As a result, we always take low-pollutant textiles and renewable raw materials into consideration during the development process. Hemp, for example, is a fast-growing, renewable source of fibre that requires hardly any fertiliser or pesticides to grow – a great alternative to cotton, for example.

A&R Textil Green Seam
Save resources
A&R Textil Green Seam

Resource-conserving production methods and the responsible handling of resources are another GREEN SEAM building block.

The textile industry is one of the most water-intensive industries. Furthermore, the water is often contaminated during the production process. As water is one of mankind’s most important resources, we also focus on using it as sparingly as possible.

Energy is another key production and cost factor. Minimising energy requirements is therefore not only sustainable, but also reduces production costs. Both are in our customers’ interest.

We also pay attention to responsible solutions in the supply chain. What sounds banal does not go without saying by any means. We regard the packaging and delivery of our products to be an important environmental factor. We take great care not to waste any packaging materials, use resource-saving materials and only send or ship full containers.


Our first choice in product development is always to use recycled material whenever possible, for example fibres from recycled plastic waste.

There are products which these recycled fibres are not suitable for. Then we try to use the same base materials for all a product’s components because single-variety products can be recycled better.

Our material portfolio includes “Cradle to Cradle” certified textiles. This means that the used materials go back into the cycle of production, consumption and renewal after their usage phase.

A&R Textil Green Seam
Social responsibility
A&R Textil Sri Lanka

Sustainable and responsible action starts with our own colleagues. First and foremost, it is important to us that our employees feel comfortable and fairly treated all over the world.

The basis for this is our corporate compliance. It stipulates that, in addition to our internal A&R Code, we always consistently comply with local legal regulations and guidelines. As far as standards are concerned, only our own standards can apply – and they are high!

For example, 300 men and women currently work in our modern, large production facility in Sri Lanka, using the latest manufacturing technologies to produce according to the strict A&R quality standards. The highly motivated, dedicated employees appreciate the spaciously designed workplaces as well as various additional benefits, including meals, work clothing, health insurance, a medical room and transfer to and from the workplace.

Reconciling work and family plays an important role at the head office in Neukirch. Working hours are arranged flexibly, home office solutions are offered. In addition, there is an employee breakfast all together every week, A&R sports activities and various employee events.

A&R also assumes social responsibility in Tanzania. Here we support aid projects for women in need.

A&R Textil Green Seam
A&R Textil Green Seam
A&R Textil Green Seam
A&R Textil Green Seam
A&R Textil Green Seam
A&R Textil Green Seam

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