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Thermoverformung: A&R Textil Fertigungstechniken


Manufacturing technology Thermoforming

Thermoforming is used for shaping thermoplastic materials. The main advantage of this technique lies in its extensive field of application: The special properties of foams, non-woven fabrics and plastics make it possible to create various shapes. Compound products, such as foams with fabric or foams with plastic, can also be easily processed. The final shape of the product is created by tools etched from aluminium.

A&R Textil uses a so-called portal milling machine to create the tools for the press itself. This makes it possible to implement very complex requirements and to meet the customers’ detailed wishes in the shortest of times.

<p>Diana Weiss, A&R Textil</p>

Diana Buchmüller Director Life Cycle Engineering

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Thermoverformung: A&R Textil Fertigungstechniken
Produkte A&R Textil
Thermoverformung: A&R Textil Fertigungstechniken
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About Us Our Approach

A&R Textil offers a great range of services. To us, working closely with our customers to meet their demands is of the highest priority. Or in other words: We not only develop for you – but with you. The jointly developed product is produced at one of our plants, and delivered anywhere in the world depending on your requirements and wishes.

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