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Manufacturing Technologies Overview Joining technologies and bonding techniques

Technical textiles are primarily developed with a focus on functionality. A&R Textil processes woven fabrics, knitwear, non-woven fabrics as well as non-textile components such as metal, wood, plastics, foam, foil and others, which are joined using various techniques. Here you can find a selection of our products.

A&R Textil uses the following joining and bonding technologies:

  • Sewing
  • Chemical-physical joining: gluing, laminating and bonding, etc.
  • Physical joining: welding, ultrasound welding, high frequency welding, etc.

Individual manufacturing solutions for your product

We combine joining and bonding technologies and develop the most economical and ecologically suitable manufacturing solution for your product. The type of joining technique is defined by the properties of the applied textiles and the requirements for the final product, e.g. with regard to thickness, dimensions and geometry. We work with the customer to define the exposure conditions that have to be kept in mind for the product in advance: Will the product be exposed to rain, snow, sun, chemicals or traction? Technical textiles produced by A&R Textil are customised to meet these requirements.

A&R Textil applies joining techniques such as sewing, gluing, welding, or a combination of the three techniques.

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