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Precautions to ensure safe textile products

A&R Insights Precautions to ensure safe textile products

In the process of textile manufacturing – from the raw fibres to the finished product – a variety of chemicals is often used. This leads to components containing contaminants that affect employees as well as end customers and, furthermore, are harmful to the environment.

Our commitment when it comes to our textiles is to reduce, or if possible, avoid, using substances that harm the environment or peoples‘ health in our products. Testing and certification institutes test all the components of our products on behalf of A&R Textil and ensure that the guidelines and standards in terms of quality are kept to, such as, for example, the OEKO-TEX standard.

Once the test has been passed, i.e. after all demands and guidelines concerning harmful substances have been observed, production can begin. We pay special attention to harmful substances, or their absence, in the case of items for children. Their skin is still very permeable, which makes them especially vulnerable to substances that could damage their health and to allergic reactions. Therefore, among other things, for our products we test the following:

  • Colours – they must be impermeable to saliva, so that they do not rub off. Some colouring agents can cause allergic reactions.
  • Plastic parts – they may not contain any phthalates (plasticisers) nor emit gas. Phthalates may be released by saliva and absorbed by the body. They are suspected to work like hormones and to influence physical development.
  • PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) – PAH limits must be adhered to. PAHs can very easily be taken in through the skin and cause cancer, among other things.

Nothing but compelling reasons for us to reduce the contamination of our products to a minimum!


A&R Textil Insights No. 17
A&R Textil Insights No. 17
A&R Textil Insights No. 17

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