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3D Knitting - A manufacturing technique with a future

A&R Insights 3D Knitting - A manufacturing technique with a future

Think knitting is old-fashioned? Think again! More and more products are being knitted from the widest variety of materials – including in 3D for a huge variety of industries. Examples include sports shoes, clothing, the interiors of cars and planes, chairs, rucksacks and much more.

3D knitting machines process a range of materials into technical textiles for a huge area of application. Natural fibres, chemical fibres, glass and carbon fibres, mineral fibres, elastane and even metallic (conducting) wires are used in this process.

The great advantage of technical knitted fabrics lies in the huge flexibility and stability of the products created. Within a knitted product, both flexible and inflexible areas can be incorporated. For example, a bandage can be optimally adapted to the body part to be supported in this way: with firm parts where stability is required and light areas for breathability. 3D knitted products are manufactured as one piece and therefore don’t show any seams – a major positive in both the clothing sector and in shoes.

From an environmental perspective, 3D knitting technology also distinguishes itself. Very little waste is created, the production process is made shorter, as, among other things, cutting and sewing are omitted from the process, and as a result, the complete running time and risk of mistakes is reduced.

The variety of possibilities for the use of 3D technology is extraordinary and has not yet been exhausted.


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