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Global trade relations are going through radical changes – our solution is Sri Lanka

A&R Insights Global trade relations are going through radical changes – our solution is Sri Lanka

The current political upheavals have a significant impact on global trade relations. The U.S. Government under Donald Trump has now imposed duties on about half of all goods imported from China, with China responding by imposing duties on U.S. products.

This trend has also left its mark on other countries, causing uncertainty, especially among companies that produce goods in China and supply customers in the U.S.

A&R Textil offers – as an alternative to the production site in China – a production facility in Sri Lanka, from where goods can be delivered directly to the U.S. without being affected by the new customs regulations.

A&R Textil – our location in Sri Lanka

Yatiyantota, a provincial town with 60,000 inhabitants located about 100 km from the capital city of Colombo, was selected as our production site in Sri Lanka. The town’s strategically favourable location guarantees excellent logistical links to the sea and air transport routes.

Our modern production facility currently employs 300 women and men, manufacturing goods using state-of-the-art production technologies according to A&R’s strict quality standards. The facility is managed by a German director and is not only comparable, but equal to our Neukirch headquarters in terms of expertise as well as production and IT infrastructure. On an area of 15,000 square metres, we can ensure the optimum transfer of samples to large-batch production.


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