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A&R Mitarbeiter Interview Franziska Mogg

Interview Franziska Mogg

A&R Insights Interview Franziska Mogg

A&R Mitarbeiter Interview Franziska Mogg

Franziska Mogg, 30
Product Engineering Employee

How long have you already been working at A&R?
Franziska: I have now been at A&R for more than five years.

What has changed during this time?
Franziska: In 2014 we opened a production facility in Sri Lanka which has been growing steadily since then. This has led to many new and exciting tasks for Product Engineering. My team has also grown, and the projects and tasks are becoming technologically more and more demanding, which is constantly creating new challenges.

What is your working day at A&R like?
Franziska: I am mostly sat at the computer or on the telephone and I am constantly in communication with customers, colleagues in Germany and Asia, and also suppliers. I plan and organise projects, have to have a lot of things in my head at the same time and work through them in a structured way. Sometimes I am also on the move inside the company, coordinating things with the product designers, or driving to the customer to discuss projects on site.

What stands out as a highlight for you during your time at A&R?
Franziska: I am happy when I unexpectedly see the products that I have developed together with the customer in real use and can say: “I helped develop that”.

You work in a team with four other colleagues. How is work in your team organised?
Franziska: Everybody has their own projects, which they look after. When things get difficult we help each other out, of course, or lend support and advice. We have a great team and get on well with each other, and often have fun together.


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