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A&R Mitarbeiterinterview Husam Alhamk

Interview Husam Alhamk

A&R Insights Interview Husam Alhamk

A&R Mitarbeiterinterview Husam Alhamk

Husam Alhamk, 26
Sewing Room Employee

Since when have you been working at A&R?
Husam: I have been at A&R since November 2016.

You originally come from Syria. I am sure it was not simple getting used to life in Germany and working at a German company. Tell us about it.
Husam: Yes, I come from Syria and studied political science there. Because of the war I went to Turkey and worked there for three years in a sewing room. The work conditions were difficult, so I came to Germany. Then a woman from Neukirch procured this job for me at A&R when she heard that I can sew.

Did you have any initial difficulties starting at A&R?
Husam: No, not at all. I found it easy to settle in at A&R, because I have already worked as a sewer and know the activity.

And the positive aspects of your work here?
Husam: The working hours are great – only 8 hours a day, not 12 or even more, which is what they were before. We also have to produce our products for particular deadlines but there is no pressure, which is to say nobody is standing behind you saying “faster, faster!”. As well as that, my colleagues are very nice.

You work in the sewing room and are the only man among lots of women – good or bad?
Husam: (laughs) It does not make any difference to me whether I am working together with men or women. The main thing is that we get on well! It is interesting that there are almost no male sewers in Germany, whereas in Turkey, by contrast, I had many male colleagues.


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