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A&R Mitarbeiter Interview Monika Heinsohn

Interview Monika Heinsohn

A&R Insights Interview Monika Heinsohn

A&R Mitarbeiter Interview Monika Heinsohn

Monika Heinsohn, 50
Head of Quality Management

What is your working day like at A&R?
Monika: Always exciting and varied. I rarely have the classic working day. There are exciting new subjects every day that require my assistance.

What aspect of work at A&R means the most to you?
Monika: Contributing my experience, so that together in the team we can develop solutions for difficult tasks or problems.

What is your vision of the future for A&R and what, in your opinion, are the biggest challenges that the company will have to face during the next few years?
Monika: Everything becomes faster these days, what presents new challenges for us. For this, we will have to further develop established, successful ways of working, and define internal interfaces and processes more precisely. To continue to be successful, we will have to learn to handle increasing complexity. This means we focus on systematology and structure while remaining highly flexible.

What do you particularly enjoy at work and what are the biggest challenges for you?
Monika: The biggest pleasure for me is working together with more or less all of my colleagues. I particularly have a lot of fun working with colleagues from different cultures, especially Sri Lanka and China. I learn something new on every trip. I think integrating all employees in the process of change is going to be a big challenge. I find it very positive that our young team is open to new things.

What has been your most exciting experience of working at A&R?
Monika: I have a lot of exciting work experiences; for example customer visits or external audits by our customers. The process acceptances for introducing new products at our site in Sri Lanka are always exciting – in every respect (laughs).
Also particularly exciting for me was my first participation in a textiles fair – Techtextil Frankfurt, this May – because I’m originally from the metals sector.

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