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Helping is an education

Case Story Helping is an education

A&R Textil is supporting the Neema Village aid project by establishing a sewing school. Mariya Halapi, originally from lake Constance in Germany, reports from Tanzania.

“Neema Village gives orphaned and abandoned babies a home and helps single mothers to look after themselves and their children independently. Part of the support programme is to establish a business. We help with the development of a business idea, with financing and with the successful Management of the business.

Another, very important part is education. In the mothers’ centre volunteers offer a range of workshops: English, bookkeeping, women’s rights, chicken farming – and now, thanks to A&R Textil, tailoring. Tailoring is a big thing in Tanzania. Local people buy fabrics and have their “Sunday best” wardrobes made out of them. Good tailors are therefore sought-after and can earn a secure (supplementary) income.

Nanny Orupa, who is not only a wonderful carer for our babies but also a fantastic seamstress, is the teacher for all of the sewing classes. We are starting with 5 students who are taught for 4 hours twice a week over a period of 6 months. Anyone who wants to start up their own business after that will receive support to do so. At the same time, Orupa is also teaching our own nannies. The aim is to give them the skills to sew bags, skirts and aprons, for example, which they will then be able to sell to our ever-changing group of volunteers. Repairing the children’s clothing and our own wardrobes will also be part of the lessons.

The support of A&R Textil has made it possible to turn our rooms into spaces more suited to a sewing school. We have also been able to acquire more sewing machines and an overlocker. I’m very happy that the sewing school is now set to become an ongoing establishment, thanks to A&R Textil. How many more women will we be able to help create a sound income for themselves and their little families? Right here in Tanzania, where life for women is very hard! Thank you so much for this!”

HAND in HAND for Tanzania e.V.: homepage and on facebook

A&R Textil Neema Village
A&R Textil Neema Village
A&R Textil Neema Village
A&R Textil Neema Village
A&R Textil Neema Village

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