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Thermoforming - poured into place!

A&R Insights Thermoforming - poured into place!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s skiing boots, glasses cases or blister packaging – many of the products we see every day are manufactured through thermoforming and individually adjusted to suit their contents.

A&R Textil also manufactures products using thermoforming, thanks to our own tool manufacturing facility even on location at our headquarters in Neukirch.

Thermoforming – why?

We would like to present to you the production technique thermoforming and its diverse areas of application – maybe it’s even suitable for one of your products?

Thermoforming is a process of reshaping plastic and foam materials through the introduction of heat. A&R Textil uses this manufacturing technique for products where “clean”, continuously smooth surfaces are important, such as in the medical or outdoors sectors. An example for this is belt systems. They can be anatomically shaped using thermoforming and adapted to suit the body perfectly, embossed structures ensure a good flow of air on the side nearest the body.

manufacturing technology with lots of advantages

Thermoforming makes it possible to use a wide variety of materials, as different substances can be laminated (glued) to the foam and then shaped along with it. This way, there are no seams on the final product, which would make it uncomfortable to wear and also gather dirt.

Thermoforming also wins points in terms of design.  Already during the reshaping process, logos, patterns or motifs can be embossed with high quality and long durability to refine the products.

Once the tool is manufactured, thermoforming clearly saves more time and money than alternative manufacturing techniques. It also has the bonus point of process safety as it is tool-specific.

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