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Three-dimensional product development!

A&R Insights Three-dimensional product development!

3D printing not only opens up new dimensions in terms of print output. The A&R Team makes use of the various opportunities in the development process to quickly evaluate ideas and solutions.

Until recently, we have worked together with 3D printing partners. From now on, however, we will be using an in-house 3D printer to save valuable time during development and gain higher flexibility. Today, the development process is much easier than even a few years ago – at least when it comes to prototyping and the production of samples. Thanks to 3D technology, the development process is considerably accelerated.

A&R Textil produces samples for production of technical textiles with the help of 3D components, which are now even produced on site using an in-house 3D printer. This way, non-textile components like rails, clamps or small plastic components can be produced flexibly and even quicker by 3D print directly at our site in Neukirch. This way, our prototypes can be produced in no time, cost-efficiently and with minimum resources.

Easy production of samples also supports uncomplicated realisation of test runs. Corrections at prototypes or short-notice design changes can be carried out without problems, which is a large benefit supporting an efficient transition from an idea to the launch of series production. Decisions regarding design based solely on drawings is now a thing of the past.

We have invested in a FDM printer (fused deposition modelling) melting thermoplastic filaments, extruding through a computer-controlled nozzle and creating components layer by layer. In our case, components with dimensions of up to 230 x 190 x 200 mm can be produced.

Depending on the requirements of the individual workpiece, two materials can be combined in each printing process: transparent, elastic, solid or water-soluble. For example, the water-soluble component can be used as a supporting structure during printing. If the finished workpiece is immersed into water, the support structure is dissolved and the workpiece itself can be quickly released without any reworking.

The benefits of 3D technology for our development processes are obvious. Firstly, there are savings in time and higher flexibility which also reflects positively on costs. Additionally, 3D printing hardly produces any scrap, reducing the use of material to a minimum and enabling resource-saving processes. Has 3D technology also convinced you as it convinced us?


A&R Textil 3D Druck
A&R Textil 3D Druck
A&R Textil 3D Druck
A&R Textil 3D Druck

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